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HR workshops:

  • Workforce development  
  • Workplace diversity
  • Recruiting & retaining talent  
  • Understanding benefits  
  • Technological innovations

Present: 2018 HR Challenges

  • Recruiting and retention 
  • Work-life balance value 
  • Technology 
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Benefits education  

Future: 2018 HR trends

  • Branding and employee experience 
  • Upskilling new talent 
  • Improving inclusion 
  • Personalization of benefits and delivery 
  • Financial wellness education 

Team Credibility:

  • Multiple Fortune 500 sales trainer and a fortune 100 corporate sales leader 
  • Successfully serviced over 1,000 HR professionals in the tri-state area 
  • Over a dozen Fortune 500 management and training awards at national level
  • Over a dozen Fortune 500 field performance and management awards at state level 
  • Over 1,100 successful entrepreneurs trained in ten years 

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